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Computer Recycling

Computer Recycling Is Very Important To Our Environment!

1) If a computers are placed in landfills, both computers and electronic products pose an environmental and health hazard. Some of the internal components utilize substances that, if not properly contained, are toxic or carcinogenic to humans, animals, and plant life. In a landfill, these substances are at a great risk of leaking into the soil which can lead to groundwater contamination and destroy our beautiful habitats.

2) If computers or other electronics are incinerated, these toxins and carcinogens are released into the atmosphere. They are immediately inhaled by anyone nearby and can linger in the air of the vicinity for a period of time where they continue to pose a health hazard.

3) Cathode Ray Tube monitors or CRTs often used leaded glass for the main tube component, and internal computer components use significant lead soldering. Lead is well-known for its environmental hazard as it leaches into groundwater and pollutes the air if exposed to fire or flame.

4) The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies unused, surplus personal computers as “hazardous household waste.” Please make sure if you do dispose of a computer to either call us or dispose of it properly!

5) Over 40 million computers may be discarded in a single year, and this number doesn’t even include printers, copiers, and accessories. The bulky nature of most personal computers coupled with the sheer number that are discarded means that the volume of waste in landfills is significantly increased. We are doing our part to help diminish the amount of computer that end of in the land fill. 99% of any computer or electronic device is recyclable!

6) The materials contained in computers – primarily plastic and glass in CRT monitors – do not biodegrade well. They may lay unchanged in landfills for hundreds of years or more. Also these materials are easily recyclable and don’t even need to end up in the landfills.

7) Materials used both internally and externally in computer systems can be recovered and used for building future electronics. This can eventually lower the cost of new computers.

8) Most computers contain metals which are all recyclable. Even if they are not reclaimed for use in new computers, they are valuable for many other applications.

9) Other materials present in computers and their accessories include plastic, of course, along with silicon, iron, tin, and aluminum. All of these have value in creating other products besides computers. The parts can be separated and sent to recycling facilities that may create consumer packaging, kitchen products, plastic bags, and other items. This is where we come in. We will break down all computer components into recyclable materials and this is all done at no cost to you!

10) Though computers are used daily by many people, some individuals and charitable organizations do not have access to the computers and/or accessories that would increase their livelihood and productivity. Donating a working, but unneeded, computer to a person or organization in need is very kind and tax deductible. Please contact us for a list of organizations that we recommend donating to.

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One thought on “Top 10 Reasons To Recycle Your Computer With Us!

  • Curt Hulbert Post author

    Computers are being used in the vast majority of American households and in almost every business across the country. Technology advances so rapidly, however, that a state-of-the-art computer, printer, or accessory may be virtually obsolete within three to five years. This means that businesses especially have a high turnover in their computers and accessories. These older, unused computers can and should be recycled or donated for many reasons.