Recycling is not an option, it is a must! 1

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Please Recycle Your Electronics

Please Recycle Your Electronics Responsibly

As you’ve already may know, most garbage goes into landfills, which is the modern version of a garbage dump. However, the world is running out of landfill space quickly. Also, the space that is used for landfills could be used for other purposes such as homes, farms, parks, businesses, schools, etc. This space could also be kept as wilderness for the pleasure of both people and animals. The answer is simple: if we recycle, we will cut down on the space needed for landfills.

By the way, landfills also cause another problem. Landfills are very unhealthy places. When rain or snow falls on the landfills and then seeps into the garbage, they turn into a poisonous, soupy liquid called leachate. This leachate sinks into the ground and pollutes the groundwater under the landfill. It also can leak into streams, lakes and natural wells. Then we need to make sure that this poisonous liquid does not get into our drinking water! If it does, it is very expensive and difficult to purify the water to get rid of this contaminated substance.

At Summit PC Recycling we have helped keep thousands of computers from ending up in our community landfills. We have recycled over 3,000 cubic yards of electronics over the last 8 years and we continue to strive to recycle more every year! Please contact us now and let us take the burden of recycling your computers and peripherals. We also do it at no charge to you. Please call us at 719-839-0627 with any questions.

Please do your part and contact us today!

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One thought on “Recycling is not an option, it is a must!

  • Curt Hulbert Post author

    Recycling happens more often in countries where it costs less. An example is that in Japan and in lots of European countries, they recycle because it is cheaper than other means of disposal. We need to see what we can do to try and help the United States in adopting this philosophy!