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Donate Your Computer

Donate Your Computer To Us And We Will Donate To The Less Fortunate.

If you’ve upgraded your system, consider donating your old desktop, laptop, or printer to a charitable organization which provides computers to economically disadvantaged students and people with disabilities. Most donations are tax-deductible. According to Dataquest, a market research firm, less than 5 percent of all personal computers are donated to schools, charities, or nonprofit organizations. It’s possible that this percentage will increase, particularly with Congress introducing tax breaks for the donation of personal computers to schools.

A computer donation is the act of re-purposing your computer rather than disposing of it. The best option for proper management of “retired” computer equipment is material recovery for all usable parts. If the equipment still functions, consider donating it to a local school or nonprofit organization. For computers that are “beyond repair”, refer to our computer recycling page.

The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 states that companies that donate personal computers to schools qualify for an enhanced charitable deduction benefit. The law, introduced by Representative Randy Cunningham (R-California), expands tax incentives for private companies that donate computer technology, equipment, or software to K-12 classrooms. The act took effect January 1, 1998, and applies to computers less than two years old.

An online directory of agencies that facilitate the donation of used computers to the less fortunate is available here.

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One thought on “Computer Donation

  • Curt Hulbert Post author

    Donate your old machine to us and we will not only provide you with the means of writing it off but we will also test and then turn the machine around so that the computer is actually worth donating and is not going to be just a huge problem. This is part of our efforts. We donate to Good Will, local schools, low income families, jails and anyone else who may benefit from a computer but would not be able to afford a brand new unit! Contact us today and let us show you how donating your computer can help all of us as well as helping the environment!