About Us

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Since 2009, we have worked to enhance the quality of the environment and well being of our communities by providing recycling of computers to commercial, industrial and municipal customers. we are committed to the safe handling, effective reclamation and environmentally friendly disposal of computers, and we use state-of-the-art technology to achieve our goals.

With headquarters in Summit County, we provide a full range of electronic waste disposal services throughout the region as well as in Eagle, Park and Lake counties. We also offer a computer re-furbishing program for our customers.

We envision aiding Summit County in achieving the best eco-friendly results possible by helping each company recycle their unwanted computers, printers, monitors and electronics for FREE!

Our mission is to help provide peace of mind to our customers by ensuring their unwanted computers, printers and electronics are recycled properly to ensure environmental responsibility.

Landfills are being spared the use of valuable space since recycling of computers and electronics. Instead, they are either re-used or properly disposed of.

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