Please recycle those old or outdated electronics this holiday season!

Recycle Your Old Computer With Us

Please share…  Please remember to recycle your old computer if Santa brings you a new one for Christmas! We will be happy to come pick it up any where in Summit County for FREE!!! Just send us a request here or give us a call at 719-839-0627. Please be responsible and recycle all of your […]

Secure Data Destruction

Please share…  Today, more than ever, Summit County, CO companies discarding computer equipment are concerned about identity theft, security compliance, and cyber criminals trying to obtain private information. Simply tossing used computer equipment and hard disks into dumpsters will leave companies vulnerable to unscrupulous individuals searching for credit card numbers, social security numbers, and other […]

Securing Your Data

Preventing Hazardous Waste

Computer Recycling in Summit County, Colorado! 2

Please share…Please don’t let this happen to our landfills! If you have a computer or computer equipment that you believe is beyond repair or is too old to be useful we recommend calling us or filling out this form and we will come pick it up so the computer can be properly dismantled to obtain […]

Top 10 Reasons To Recycle Your Computer With Us! 1

Please share…1) If a computers are placed in landfills, both computers and electronic products pose an environmental and health hazard. Some of the internal components utilize substances that, if not properly contained, are toxic or carcinogenic to humans, animals, and plant life. In a landfill, these substances are at a great risk of leaking into […]

Computer Recycling

Box Up Your Computers

Pack Up Your Old Machine And We Will Come Pick It Up! 1

Please share…Just box up all of your old computer equipment, let us know you have something to recycle through our contact us page and we will come and pick up all of your old computer equipment quickly and safely! California, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Oregon, Texas, and Washington now have laws regulating where and how you […]

Recycling is not an option, it is a must! 1

Please share…As you’ve already may know, most garbage goes into landfills, which is the modern version of a garbage dump. However, the world is running out of landfill space quickly. Also, the space that is used for landfills could be used for other purposes such as homes, farms, parks, businesses, schools, etc. This space could […]

Please Recycle Your Electronics

Donate Your Computer

Computer Donation 1

Please share…If you’ve upgraded your system, consider donating your old desktop, laptop, or printer to a charitable organization which provides computers to economically disadvantaged students and people with disabilities. Most donations are tax-deductible. According to Dataquest, a market research firm, less than 5 percent of all personal computers are donated to schools, charities, or nonprofit […]

Recycling Laws Expand to Include Businesses

Please share…Recycling laws in some states have now expanded to encompass all businesses, places of worship and workplaces. Some cities, such as Seattle, have created laws that enforce fines upon citizens who throw away certain recyclable materials. There are also voluntary programs and educational programs to increase recycling where it is not mandated by law. Mandatory […]

Recycle For Our World